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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Corner to Corner

I thought I followed the pattern on this one, but the pattern says finished size is 48" x 64". I even used a G hook, and hubby measured it's finished size as 80" x 60" so I must not have been following directions very good.

I might have to make another one just to see!!!!

I went until it was the length I wanted, then started the decrease on the one side, which makes the corner, then I went until it was as wide as I wanted, and started decreasing both sides until it was done.

So you can really make these any size you want!

  • Yarn - Red Heart
    • Colors - Sugar and Spice / Camel / Country Blue
  • Hook Size - G
  • Finished Size - 80" x 60"
  • 53” x 75” before Border = 60 boxes x 79 boxes
  • Pattern - Corner to Corner
  • Pattern Source - Smart Yarns. This pattern is no longer available on their site. I found another link here.  I know nothing about this site or the safety of it: Corner to Corner

    1 comment:

    Sharon Marie said...

    I love the corner to corner afghan. It is better to have an afghan that is bigger than expected than smaller imho :).