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Monday, August 31, 2009

Print and Cut ROCKS!!!

Before.......when I wanted text on a shape, I had to cut or punch out the the text in a word doc, and then use repositional tape to tape it to a sheet to run through the printer. It took a few times usually to make sure the text was lined up in the shape right.

NOW......I follow these few steps:
  1. Open my shape file. This is a free file that matches the Stampin Up Top Note Die. I found here:
  2. Create my Text, with font color the shape where I want it.
  3. Check the Document settings to make sure the "Use Registration Marks" is on.
  4. In Output Settings, check the Print settings to make sure the "Print Cut Lines" option is off.
  5. Print.
  6. Take your sheet and place it on your cutting mat. There are little arrows that show you the direction to place it.
  7. Send to Craft Robo...adjust your Blade, Speed and Thickness. After you get the prompt to laod your media, before you have the OPTION to CUT, you need to make sure to check the option to Search for Registration Marks
That is all there is to it!!!!

I will try to get a pic of the notepads up tomorrow. The notepads were done completely with the Silhouette using the Silhouette pens!!!

Pease let me know what you think!!

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