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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Print and Cut School Project

This was sooooo easy and COOL!!!!!!

I made this to help my Kindergarten Music Class learn how to spell their colors.  We are just starting with the cone, and then as they learn the color they earn that color scoop.  When we're done our ice cream cone will reach the top of the board and the class will get a treat!

So...what makes this soooo cool is that I cut all the pieces out on my SILHOUETTE!!!!  I inserted the jpg files into the program, hit the "get outline"...ran them through the printer to print them, then ran them through the Silhouette, and it cut them out !!!!!

WAAAAAY better than printing them out and cutting them by hand!!!!!!!

Of course I had it all done before  I remembered that I had a few different Ice Cream cone Cut files!!!!!!  But this way, I was able to do 2 different color scoops on 1 page, so it saved me alot of time by not having to keep swapping out different colored paper.

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