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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bella Christmas Ghan

This afghan is sooooo bright!

I made it for my Granddaughter for Christmas year. She will be 2 and I thought she would LOVE the bright colors!

This is Crib size, so she should get alot of years use out of it.

Here is the chart I made to help me keep track of my color sequencing:

I made this graph in my PC Stitch cross-stitch pattern program.

I used the underlay feature with a picture of a crochet swatch. It would not export or print with the underlay, so I did a print screen and saved that.

It is really nice to kind of know what it will look like done

  • Yarn - Red Heart Kids
    • Colors - Bikini and Pink
  • Hook - G
  • 38” x 60” before border = 46 boxes x 65 boxes 
  • Border - Shell Border 
  • Pattern - Corner to Corner/Diagonal
  • Source - Red Heart Website

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