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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

81st B-Day Party

We had an 81st B-day party for my M-I-L. We did a Mexican Fiesta theme.  We had Enchiladas, Wet Burritos, Fruit Salsa w/ homemade cinnamon tortilla chips, and tons of other food!

I even got to get out my Lemonade Decanter my daughter gave me last Mother's Day.  Love it!!

Of course I spend way to much time on Pinterest, but I actually find more things by searching Google Images.  I just had to do the cute little straw flags and drink labels.  On the Flag, I put a little bracket shape, so names could be written on the flags, so everyone could keep track of their drinks.  No more Sharpies on Red Solo Cups!!!!

Hubby recently bought me a Whirley-Pop popcorn popper, because I have been a little addicted to kettle Corn lately.  So for the party I made 3 batches of Kettle Corn, and 3 batches of Cinnamon Kettle Corn.  They were both very good.

FYI:  3 batches of popcorn fill a 2 Gallon Ziploc bag!

My hubby ran to the local Hardware store and grabbed a couple of Paint Stirrer Sticks.  I didn't have time to clean and paint them, so I just left the popcorn in the Ziploc and put the stick between the bag and the bucket.

The Happy Birthday cups were for people to scoop their popcorn into.  Next time I will have a cuter idea.  But we planned and executed this all within a week, so I thought it all went great!

Below is the Cinna-Toast Kettle Corn, I didn't get a picture of it in it's Red Bucket. You can see it in the background in the picture of the straws and cups.

  • Drink Tags: 
    • Silhouette file: outline frame set - Design ID #19451
    • Pattern file:  mum pattern file - Design ID #32218
  •  Straw Flag:
    • Silhouette file: valentine's flags - Design ID #37507
    • Silhouette file: 6 Bracket Labels - Design ID #34961
  • Clear cups-lids-straws (local GFS MarketPlace)
  • Buckets - Dollar Tree

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