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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ribbon Bobbins

 I am making some Plastic Bobbins for my ribbon out of Flexible Cutting Mats.

When Ribbon goes on sale at Michael's I try to get there to get a few.  Eventually I will have all the colors in the 3 sizes: Loop, 1/8in and 1/4 inch.  There is nothing that drives me more crazy then working on something and not having the right color or size of ribbon.  I know...a little OCD there, but I am sure I am not alone.

The Bobbin is 2.25" x 2.50"

I store them in a box/drawer in a rolling cart I got from Joann's that hubby made dividers for out of foam board.  I still have quite a few to wind on bobbins. I am sure it will fill a couple boxes/drawers.

I bought the plastic Flexible Cutting Mats at Walmart, and had made an SVG to cut with SCAL on my Cricut.  I am not offering the file because there are quite a few free files all over the internet now.

Below I have posted the settings to cut it on the Cricut.

  • Cricut:
    • Deep Blade
    • Speed:  Low
    • Pressure:  High
    • Blade Depth: 6
    • Multi-Cut: 2

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